Getting Certified-Facility Management ISO 41001- ISO PROS #15

Getting Certified & Implementing Facility Management ISO 41001

There are two cases to consider when talking about Facilities management ISO 41001 certification. We have organizations that have implemented the ISO 41001 and have been certified for it and those that have implemented the standards and contented with it without certification. The implementation and certification for ISO 41001 are all voluntary. However, your organizations stand to gain more benefits if certified for the same compared to just complying without certification.

Implementation Facility Management ISO 41001

Before we even talk about the certification process for ISO 41001, let us first discuss the implementation as the success of certification will greatly depend on it. This is the most critical stage that you have to be very much aware of and do all that you can to have it done correctly. During the implementation, ensure that your organization has done the following:

  • Demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the delivery of all facilities management services
  • Get the support from the top-level management before the implementation of these standards as any opposition can halt the certification process.
  • Crete a good internal communication within your organization as that is key in ensuring that you get what you get feedback and all the data that you need for performance evaluation.
  • Identify the gap that exists between your current facility management system, that is if you have, and the ISO 4 1001 recommendations.
  • Create a strong implementation that will guarantee you the best results
  • Assign roles and responsibilities to the players of this system
  • Implement all the principles of the ISO 41001 that are relevant to your organization
  • Introduce motivational programs that will entice your staff to perform better
  • You can train a section of your staff to be internal auditors
  • Set up a system that will review the performance of the facility management system regularly at chosen intervals.

As we already said, the implementation requires an appropriate team that will guarantee success. This does not have to be the staff of your organization. You can source professional from ISO-Pros to help you through the implementation process. Our professional auditors can help you in doing any of the following:

  • Learn all the basics that are needed for the implementation of Iso 41001 standards
  • Identifying the gap that exists between your organization’s current facility management system and what ISO 41001 requires
  • Lead you through the entire implementation process

Why should your organization get ISO 41001 certification?

Many advantages come with this certification process for your organization. As said earlier, some like to stay without certification but still conform to the standards and those who will go ahead to get the certification. If you are certified, you will be able to enjoy the following advantages or benefits:

Improved company culture – ISO 41001 stresses on the improvement of the working conditions that will boost the culture of your organization. With a safe and conducive working environment, the employees will be motivated to perform much better.

Competitive advantage – Improving your market efficiency should be one of your main goals. That is mainly possible through achieving ISO 41001 certification as it will be easier for you to get customers and convince investors to invest in your company.

Cost efficiencies – This is the only way you will be able to reduce the cost of production while gaining economies of scale. With consistent services in the global market where you will be able to improve your footprint, you should be able to advantage of your certificate to win more clients.

Improved strategic operations – ISO 41001 supports the strategic alignment of your clients.

ISO 41001 Certification Process – ISO-Pros

The process of getting your organization certified depends greatly on the choice of the certification body. Let us state it here that you need to work with a certified body that is also very much experienced about the process of ISO 41001 certification. If you trade between the experience and cost of the certification process, then you may regret it later when things don’t go as you had expected.

At ISO-Pros, you are sure to get high-quality services at affordable fees. We are the expert in this sector having served thousands of clients from the United State. Let us now take you to the steps that we take to certify your organization.

The 3 Steps Certification Process

Application – This is the very first step and it involves you applying for certification on our website or by calling us directly using the contca6 addresses provided. There is nothing much involved here as it only involves a short application process. You will get a free instant quote for the service you have requested, after which you can proceed to place your order.

Assessment – You will book a date for assessment. During this assessment phase, you should show that your facility management system has been fully operational for at least 3 months. Also, as a requirement, you should show that you have been doing internal auditing and have at least completed a full cycle as required by the standard.

Certification – This is what follows when the auditing was successful. By being successful, we mean that you don’t have any nonconformities when your facility management system is evaluated against the set standards. The certificate that you receive from us will be valid for a maximum period of three years with yearly surveillance done to confirm that you still comply with the standards.

Surveillance Audit

This is the very last thing that will be done to ensure that you continually conform to the ISO 41001 standards. Remember that your certificate can be revoked at any time when nonconformities are identified. During the surveillance audit, it is not only about checking the conformities. You must also demonstrate the improvements that you have done on your facility management system as that is required by the standards. So, you have a task to perform after certification. It is not the end of everything to get the certificate.

Contact us if you need to know more about how our process works or just for the services that we offer.