Benefits-Facility Management ISO 41001- ISO PROS #15

Benefits of Facility Management ISO 41001

Knowing that your organization will gain from an activity is heartwarming and gives you the strength to go on until you achieve it. When ISO 41001 was first established in 2018, it was done in response to the complaints and problems that many facilities managers were experiencing at that time. It was worthwhile to unify everything so that the entire world can speak one language regarding the facilities management market. It would have not been wise to let every organization implement its own standards when establishing a Facilities Management System.

Facilities management was, and still is, the fastest-growing sector, something that greatly necessitated the development of the international standards that came to be known as ISO 41001. This standard was meant to be very useful, and it has proved to be beneficial to many different organizations. Let us now discuss these benefits that you will gain for being compliant with ISO 41001. These are as explained below:

Win the trust of stakeholders, customers, and other business partners

Just like all other ISO standards, ISO 41001 is proof that your organization has an effective facility management system that ensures high quality of the falsities management services that you offer. There is nothing more than an entrepreneur will ask for apart from having the ability to impress his or her customers with the best services. You are also more likely to get funding from different investors, especially if you have a certificate to prove for your compliance with these ISO 41001 standards.

Improve marketability

It will be easier for you to market yourself both locally and internationally, thereby improving your global market footprints. There is nothing that the world needs more than the consistency of the services that this ISO 41001 standard lets you do. You will have nothing to worry about, especially if you already have a certificate for this new ISO standard.

Enhance workforce productivity

One of the core areas that ISO 41001 gives priority is the working condition of the employees by creating a high-quality working condition. It is long known that the better the working environment the more productive you become, and there is no doubt about that. So, implementing these new standards will automatically improve the safety, well-being, and working conditions for your staff. Consequently, you will be able to realize an increase in production.

Grow the profitability

It is not that you are not profiting from your business operation, but an increase in the profit margin is a dream of every businessman. ISO 41001 helps your organization to focus more on the revenue-generating business functions that will, in turn, increase the profit margin. That all comes only if you conform to the standards as set by the ISO.

Cost benefits

ISO 41001 encourages better use of the organization’s resources and assets. This improves the efficiency of the organization by minimizing the cost of production. In business, when the cost of production reduces while the sales remain constant or improve, you get a higher profit margin. This is one of the goals that are in the business plan of almost every business. Reduce the cost of production by becoming ISO 41001 compliant today.

Our Approach to ISO 41001 Certification

Many different approaches can be used to prepare an organization for certification. We have included this section here because we already know that you are yearning to take the advantages of getting Facilities Management ISO 41001 certification as discussed above. That is why we are including this part to help you picture where your organization is and what you need to improve to prepare it for certification as discussed in our other post.


Gap Analysis

We forgot to mention that you need a third-party organization that is licensed and certified to offer these services to the people who need them. ISO-Pros is already here for you, so, you don’t need to go around looking for other service providers. We have a team of professional editors who we will send your way to conduct this very first step in preparing your organization for compliance.

When we get to your business, whether physically or virtually depending on the nature of your organization, we will thoroughly review the existing Facilities Management System that you have in place and determine what needs to be added, removed, or improved.

Awareness training

Now that you are ready to implement ISO 41001 standards, you need to be very much knowledgeable about the standard itself. All your staff has to be aware of the policies and requirements for the establishment and documentation of all activities and process as required by this standard. We can help you in creating that awareness.


From our experience, this is where most of the certification auditing fails. Do not let it happen for your organization as we are here to help in identifying any gap in the documentation procedure that you have. We will also check on the format if it conforms to what ISO 41001 requires.


You can have everything done right, but if the implementation does not follow the recommended procedure, then you can lose everything that you have done thus far. Let our professionals oversee the implementation of these standards in your organization.

Internal audit training

You should not rely on third parties even for regular internal auditing that your staff should handle. Our team can help you in training your staff to become professional internal auditors.

Internal Audit

This will follow and is the last step to getting your organization certified. It is normally done after your team has conducted an audit to ascertain that everything is as per the standards. Our team will help in the identification of any nonconformities should there be any and devise corrective measures for you.

Management review meeting

It is important that the management of the organization is ready to support the FMS and can allocate the required resource. That is the main reason for conducting a management review; to evaluate the readiness of the management system.

Contact us for any help that you need. At ISO-Pros, you will get everything that you need regarding ISO 41001.